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Corporate Overview

GanaWare Management (SFM) product is a unique and highly intelligent business activity monitoring (BAM) software that offers enterprises unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency through zero latency enterprise (ZLE) capabilities.

The technology behind GanaWare software comes from decades of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Mining combined with advanced XML-based middleware infrastructure that supports a highly scalable and robust distributed architecture.

GanaWare product empowers staff and management by allowing them to be instantly aware of any important information or event so that they can immediately react to meet changing business needs. This awareness also directly contributes to increased synergy among co-workers and management, both vertically and horizontally within and beyond an organization. SFM acts like a "synergy generator" for your enterprise.

In addition, SFM acts like a digital Chief Operations Officer (COO) that constantly monitors all digital activities within an enterprise 24-hour a day, 7-days a week; making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping the company on track towards predefined corporate goals and objectives. SFM supports a variety of management methodologies.


[July 24, 2019]
GanaWare joins the Business Incubation Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

[May 22, 2017]
GanaWare presents BAM business at EDB's Venture Capital Conference

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