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Looking for ways of "Synergizing" your company?

GanaWare is making its GanaWare Management (SFM) product beta and the Enterprise Synergy Platform technology available, via our Early Adopter Program, to companies who want to be the first in their industry to be "synergized".

"Synergizing" a company with our ES Platform and SFM product is mainly a software configuration process. Different companies have different organizational structures, different business events that it might be interested in, different management strategies and objectives, and different computing infrastructures to integrate with. Deployment of SFM is simplified through configuration tools, parameter settings and industry templates.

Our SFM product and ES Platform technology can be configured to work for enterprises and organizations in any industry. For example, the ES Platform contains Business Event Mining technology that allows SFM to be easily configured to tap into different SQL data sources. Our Industry Templates provide additional configuration support with default configurations, settings and smart agents for different industries. Our XML-based Directory Services allows us to easily encode enterprise organizational structure, departmental structure, and roles and responsibilities.

The idea and technology behind SFM came from our experiences in developing mission critical AI systems. Our Success Stories highlights our past track record in implementing advanced AI event monitoring systems for different industries. These implementations were performed by some of the co-founders of GanaWare at the City University of Hong Kong prior to spinning off.


[July 24, 2019]
GanaWare joins the Business Incubation Program at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

[May 22, 2017]
GanaWare presents BAM business at EDB's Venture Capital Conference

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